Switching It Up

Without a doubt, a highlight of the past few weeks was being invited to participate in the No, YOU Tell It! Reading Series – a workshop in which four writers develop personal stories based on a theme, and then trade stories with another writer for a live reading in front of an audience. If past readings are any indication, it’s a fascinating exercise in point of view and interpretation, as you listen to one person’s experience – complete with cadence and character – come out of another’s mouth. I am thrilled (and a little intimidated!) to be participating in this round.

As I write, I’m trying hard to put aside notions of tone and style as they relate to being read out loud, and just tell the story. But I’m always aware that there’s a difference between how someone might perform (and how an audience will interpret) a first person monologue, versus a piece with a lot of description and exposition. Nonetheless, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable challenge.

The next No, YOU Tell It! reading will take place on Monday, November 12th at 7:30pm.


Read To Me

Last night I enjoyed another installation of the Liars League NYC reading series. It’s a gloriously simple concept: writers submit their work according to a theme, the Liars curate the selections, and they’re read aloud by actors once a month at KGB Bar in the East Village. The room is small, so everyone there is listening closely; there’s little worry that loud talkers will interrupt. The bar staff knows how to serve drinks discreetly (they’re listening too!) and since all the actors and writers bring a posse, it’s good news for their nightly receipts. A few months ago I participated in one of the readings as an actor, which was a lovely experience. But honestly it was almost lovelier to attend as an audience member: how often do you get to sit on a bar stool with a G&T in your hand, with no responsibility other than listening? Sometimes it’s really nice to be read to.