Fast Forward Montage to Music

Ok let’s blow the dust off this thing, otherwise someone’s gonna write “WASH ME” with their finger on my homepage.


  1. Had a great experience with the No, YOU Tell It! workshop. Got some insightful feedback from my fellow writers, heard my story read aloud ass-kickingly well, and got to read another person’s fabulous story in front of an audience. More fun than a bouncy castle full of nitrous. Listen here to my story, read by Fred Backus, and here to Fred’s story, read by me.
  2. New year! Feels good, like I’m Peter Gabriel post-Genesis, like 2012 was the last crappy year in a band I outgrew and 2013 is the year I wear robot makeup and compose an epic anthem of independence that will resonate for generations. Or maybe just write some haikus.
  3. Realized I’m partial to funny men who are partial to cats. There’s a McSweeney’s post in there somewhere. To the typewriter!!